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Souvenir gift for wedding invitation

It's not a big problem when giving cendok souvenir mini, mini cups, pin bearing the name of the bride, and the like. But not rare souvenir in the form of useless stuff eventually ends up in the waste basket. Friends came to pray for you, certainly do not forget to give donations or gifts.

For those who come from afar, to gifts and transport could spend hundreds of thousands, is nothing but to pray for you. At least, try to give a wedding gift that is useful for invited guests, not just the unique stuff but end up in the trash. Although they are not necessarily like it, at least try to give a wedding gift as well as you can. Here are some useful wedding gift ideas for invited guests. 12 Useful Wedding Souvenir Idea for Invitation

1. Bottled Water
Bottled water is a practical and efficient way to get a drink at any time. Choose the shape and being pretty enough so that it can be brought to school, college, office, or when the roads.

2. Sunglasses
Sweltering afternoon making eye glare. Stylish sunglasses can be souvenirs that are often used when driving or sunbathing on the beach.

3. Scarves
For those who live in cold areas, will help warm neck scarf. In the hot spot was also a lot of help as a scarf covering his nose when bekendara. Many prefer to wear a scarf rather than mask the motor does not seem fashionable.

4. Coffee
As well as tea, coffee drinkers have never lost from generation to generation. Yes, I like coffee!

4. Tote Bag
Bring small items can be a hassle if there is no container. It would be very helpful, but avoid giving the name of the bride with great writing. If it is necessary, written quite small in the corner of the bag and jinjingannya.

5. Notebook
Can a diary, it could be to record the work schedule. Souvenir this one could be something useful for invited guests

6. Opener Bottle & Lip Balm
Men will love the bottle opener, while for women can be given souvenirs lip moisturizer.

7. Sets Body Care
Cutting nails, plucking, cleaning blackheads is ne routines. Give 1 souvenir sets contained skincare equipment so that when their equipment is damaged, you can wear souvenirs.

8. Honey in the Bottles
In addition to good health, honey is also good for the skin.

9. Miniature small pie in a jar
one example is not a benchmark, which is definitely something that small / mini souvenir can be interesting for the invitation. Can be useful as a keychain or ornament cupboard in the living room.

10. Soap bath pretty
Many are selling locally made soap with good quality. Milk soap, fruit soap, or locally made soap flowers can be one choice for a wedding gift.

11. Sandal floor
Nice and warm!

12. Chocolate in box
Hmmmm, yummy! Do you also like it when anyone gives you chocolate?


Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Unique wedding

'm Looking for a unique wedding idea? there are some tips that I will share the concept of marriage as a reference point that you will make the event the most special moment in your life

The first step to creating a unique wedding you can start by making a list of what you and your partner likes and dislikes. Whether it's music, style, color, favorite artists or hobbies. From this list you can go to decide what the most appropriate theme for you. You do not need a wedding theme that is too complicated, you may be inspired by the soft pink color and from there you can adjust all the needs of your wedding with these colors.

Here are some unique ideas that can be tried for your wedding:

Music athmosphere
Corner of every room were making different songs according to the food provided. Usually the bride will provide food shacks corner of the room located besides food wedding central. You can play different songs in every corner of the room according to the origin of the food, for example; Hut satay and soup can play Java drum tracks, BBQ and Kebab Hut can play western-style song.

Theme Clothing / dresses for wedding
You can write a theme outfit you want your guests to wear when attending a wedding ceremony or a married you. for example; Your theme is the traditional wedding customs and you expect all the guests who came wearing traditional dress / wedding dresses. (you can use this idea if your guests are friends and relatives near you)

Gift Idea: Guestbook photographed / decoration picture
You can provide a Polaroid camera at each reception table and let each recipient each guest to take photos of your guests and paste the signature next to them in guestbook that has contents as a souvenir gift.

White never wrong
The white color theme for the wedding (wedding decorations) you never salah.Cobalah something different for your wedding using white color for your wedding but not solid match with other colors so use all shades of white. for example; use white color and gradation for party decorations, cake, cars, carpets, and the final touches all the servants and committees involved in your wedding wearing a white coat.

espresso Bar
Add espresso bar decoration in your wedding. In this bar you can enjoy a wide variety of coffee such as; coffee lattes and cappuccinos.

DJs to enliven your wedding elegant
Hiring a DJ for your wedding is an interesting idea so mix your romantic atmosphere with live DJ in the event will attract the attention of your guests.

Provide special performances for children
Usually children do not hold wedding banquets to be more than half an hour and parents are often reluctant to bring their children. Rent boy balloons, clowns, magicians to attract the attention of children so they do not interfere with the course of your wedding.


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